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Hope for Volvo Motorsports!

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Björn Annwall has been appointed as the new head of Marketing, Sales and Services of Volvo Cars, replacing Alain Visser, who has moved to marketing and sales for Geely. If you may remember, Alain Visser was the spearhead of the infamous decision last December that Volvo would pull out of motorsports. At the time, he said:

“Motorsport does not conform with our brand, where we stand for smaller engines and safety. We are therefore pulling out of STCC for example as soon as the contracts permits.”


While there has been no news regarding Volvo’s future in motorsports since then, Visser’s move to Geely should allow Volvo reassess their position on the matter. Once we move closer to the expiration of their current contracts, we should hear a decision from Volvo. Until then, we can only hope.

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