Hope I didn't dumb, pretty sure okay.

So for some reason the rear brakes on the GX are getting chewed up at an alarming rate. Im thinking its something with the proportioning valve or just stuck pins. my old pads looked like this

This was drivers rear, you can see they aren’t wearing straight. here is a comparison with the passenger rear


These were okay to go for a while. Can’t figure out why they are getting burned up so fast! (these were replaced at the beginning of summer). Sure looks like a misalignment issue (slid pins?)

Anyway, when I went to look at them just to check on the noise I noticed the wear and decided I needed to replace them before I leave town this weekend. I obviously didn’t have spare pads lying around...or did I?

I found me a brand new box of Toyota brake pads...rear...in the parts box. They were for my land cruiser but I thought...let’s take a look! After all they have the same oil filter, lug pattern, etc...why not rear pads? Turns out they are a match 100% in size and shape and slot in perfectly. Now I should point out that they are NOT the right part number. The part for this car is 04466-60090, and I put in 04466-60020. as far as I can see in pictures the only difference is the 60090's have chamfered corners to the 60020's straight edge...maybe a little more meat too on the 60020's.


I put them in, greased the pins real gud and drove it around. Seems perfect, though since looking up the P/N discrepancy I’ve been freaking out a little about it.

Looking into aftermarket pads made me feel a little better, however. I’ve noticed that the same pad that fits my cruiser also fit the GX for a couple of makes. i.e. a febest 0101-GRJ150R checks out for both vehicles as does the Akebono ACT606 and AC Delco 14D606.


Did I accidentally win? or do a dumb? Guess we’ll see!

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