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Hope I don't have to hand in my Oppo card

It's a sad, sad time in Donohue-verse.

If you know me at all, you know that I bleed weird.

From my Buick Electra boat, to my mk2s, to my wagon... I pride myself on quirk... But that's seemingly coming to an end.


I had to sell my 1990 Jetta TD. I live in Eastern Ontario, and it gets batshit ass cold here. Jetta just couldn't hack it without a place to plug in, so she had to go. I figured I could carry the torch by getting into an NG900, a Saab... But I let myself get talked out of it into something more reliable. Something safe. Something beige.

I've put a deposit down on a 2000 Acura 1.6EL.

Where should I mail my card to? :(

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