My gym has a random assortment of weight plates. Some of them are your typical metal plates, others are these Weider ones with colored rubber bumpers on them. Tonight I dropped a 10 lb plate without the bumpers on my big toe. Slightly gnarly pic after the break.

(This photo is not my gym, just an example of the weights with bumpers.)

I was going about my business doing some bench presses, and wanted to add a little more weight to the bar, so I went to grab what I thought were two 10 lb plates (the yellow one in the pic above). Only problem was, someone had racked a regular metal 10 lb plate in between two of the yellow bumper ones, and the bumpers were totally hiding that third plate, which promptly fell directly on my right big toe. My thought process after that was roughly:

  2. Ohh there was a third 10 lb plate hiding between the bumper ones. Dammit fuck shit assholes fucking mixing the plates!
  3. Hmm maybe I can still do this next set?

I did not do the next set, and instead put some ice on my toe for a good 20 minutes, after which my toe looked like this:

Hopefully the nail doesn’t fall off.

SATURDAY MORNING UPDATE: My toe is definitely sore today, a bit more than last night, but I can walk fine and it’s not super painful. I took some more ibuprofen and put ice on it, and it’s not terrible in the scheme of things.


Rather than go straight to urgent care, I tried to talk to someone at my doctor’s office. Their answering service connected me to the on-call nurse. She said unless I’m in excruciating pain, I shouldn’t bother draining the nail, and my body would likely re-absorb the bruise after a while. But the nail still could fall off. She also said it’s fine for me to run and do leg exercises like squats as long as it’s within my pain tolerance.

Normally I work out 3 days in a row then take a rest day, and today would be my 3rd day in that cycle. So...I’m probably going to skip my run and legs, do a good upper body workout, and think about legs on Monday depending on how the toe’s feeling.


Y’all had me worried with all this talk of draining it but I think I got lucky that it was only a 10 lb plate and didn’t do more damage.

I am going to talk to a manager at the gym about them trying to do something about those plates with bumpers on them being mixed in with the other regular plates. And you can be damn sure that’s the last time I take more than one plate off a rack at the same time!