So my coworkers and I were talking about plastidipping the Civic at lunch. I was expressing to them my conflict of wanting to do something sedate but not serious, such as a color shift matte white. They... had other ideas.

The first one was to go nuts with it. DipYourCar sells something they call Royal Blue Holograpic Micro Flakes. My boss calls them “80s Bass Boat.” I call them ridiculous. But... maybe ridiculously awesome?

My lame attempt at photoshopping the effect

Then someone... glow in the dark came up. I’m having a hard time thinking this is a bad idea. My guess is it wouldn’t be very glow in the dark, but hopefully enough for a subtle mind-fuck. Stupid? Yes. Probably would end up disappointing? Most likely. Worth a try....?


Looks like the powder can be had on Amazon for about the same price as you’d pay for any of the other DYC add-ons so it is... tempting.


But then there are also the more conventional options. One option is a light grey with a interference blue top coat. Would look something like this but less green:


Another alternative would be “Ness Blue” plastidip, but maybe a little lighter. Like this, but lighter:


What does Oppo think?

  1. Royal Blue Holographic Microflakes (“Bass Boat”)
  2. Sky Blue Glow in the Dark
  3. Light grey blue interference
  4. Ness Blue
  5. Other!?

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