When I sell my car (hopefully soon since I'll be dropping the price again in the new year), and when that happens I'll have about 2700 dollars to buy something else.

The things my new car needs to be.

1. Something new to me. which rules out Hondas

2. Not a coupe, unless it is a muscle car or a pre 71 Beetle

3. be RWD

4. be fun

I know these rules are a little silly, but I've always made the "since-able choice" when it comes so cars(sorta). Which is what had lead me to owning a sea of Hondas, and a few Toyotas. I want something that puts obvious logic aside and lets me steer with the throttle, at least on snow.

So I'm sure I'm not the only one that has noticed, but E36s are getting hella cheap, like under 1500 bucks cheap. Also my wife would like it if my new car had at least 4 doors. So I'm seriously considering buying a beater E36 4door, and fixing it up/ modifying it with the other 1700 dollars I'll have just laying around, and yes I realized it would constantly be pouring money in it, but I'm paying 300 bucks a month on my Civic so what's the difference?



The other contender is something less "practical" but more awesome. A late 70's Muscle car. Something that doesn't really have a following, isn't really "on the radar", and hasn't skyrocketed in value. Specifically a Volare Duster.


or this Mavrick, but it needs a new trans IMO

So what RWD non sports car would you get for about $2000?