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Horrible Morning Commute

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Usually my drives to school are rather uneventful. But today, I nearly wrecked my Civic because of some girl stopping from 50 MPH to 5 for no reason at all. I'm still shaking from this.


The day started out fine. I got up no problem. I left the house right on time. My car started right up and was enjoying the half full tank of gas I just put in. I grabbed my friends with no problem. It was a nice morning. That was, at least, until I got onto the island and was not even five minutes from school.

I was riding in the right hand lane as usual. This was because the school is on the right and traffic backs up really badly around here so lane changes are quite difficult. I get behind this girl driving an older Chevy Trailblazer. It's a 45 MPH zone. We were both cruising comfortably at around 50 MPH. I had left some space between me and her in case someone wanted (or needed) to shoot over. A new Jeep Grand Cherokee got over, but behind me. They also were doing 50 and left a good size gap. Then, out of nowhere, it happened.


The Trailblazer begins slowing. I figured the car in front was making a turn. Then, they suddenly slammed on the brakes. Their speed went from about 40 to 5 really quickly and for no reason. This caused me to slam on my brakes. I was going to go right into them. I had a small gap now because of their gradual slow at first. I told my friends to hang on, because I think we are going to hit. Then, disaster happened. My brakes locked. It took about three seconds for my ABS to engage. Those seconds were so scary because my car shook. My tires were not spinning at all. I was locked up and had no control. Once ABS kicked in, I was able to stop reasonably again. I got within 12 inches of their bumper. The Trailblazer then sped up again as if nothing happened. I looked down the side road, there were no cars. There were no cars in front of them either.

What was even worse was the view in my rear view mirror. The Jeep was in the same boat and was quickly gaining on my bumper. They ended up swerving into the shoulder to try and decrease some speed and barely missed me. I honestly was scared shitless. I thought I was going to total my car and it wasn't at all my fault. I never want to have to slam on my breaks like that again.


It was quite awkward because the girl ended up parking next to my car in the parking lot. She got out of her car kind of embarrassed, but didn't say anything. I wish it was a guy. I wanted to go off on him. I would've. I'm still shaking now with anger.

Side note: I need a dashcam. And a relatively cheap one. I'd feel a lot safer with one. Any ideas for a cheap but good one? Thanks for listening and helping!

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