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Horrible time to sell a GTI

So a week before the VW stuff came out I started to think about selling my GTI. I had some equity in it and I really wanted to get back into a WRX. So I started to look and think about it and do numbers. I looked on nada.com and looked at trade in value and all that stuff. Everything was looking good when all of a sudden...BOOM. VW gets in trouble. I notice a week later my car dropped 2 grand on trade in. I found a 2012 WRX I liked. Test drove it and blah blah blah we finally got to negotiating.

We got to a price hire than I liked, but i was willing to talk if the trade-in was good. The Sales guy talks to his manager and then they tell me they won’t even put a number on my car. So god I hope this blows over quick. This is pretty frustrating.


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