Horse Cents Update…

So the car itself is still sealed in a random storage container, but that doesn't mean I've been idle! The current focus has been on part procurement, and I feel I've been somewhat successful.


Got some 14" Magnum 500s with slightly larger than stock tires (I took the tires off some American Racing Hurricane wheels if anyone is looking for Chevy fit wheels). Found a dual exhaust set that's fairly fresh, but no crossover pipes. Got brand new carpet, headliner, and I completed the heating system (man, that blower motor and all the piping get heavy ). There was also a guy getting rid of a few big ole boxes o' trim. So now I have a few sets of exterior and interior trim pieces. I obtained the oversized A/C radiator, a stock FMX auto that'll bolt right in to the '69 302 I got earlier. (I could have gotten a manual, but the pedal assembly is missing and the shifter area is a mess: since the car was a three speed, then converted to a drag-spec automatic that used cables, then the whole thing was ripped out.) The biggest thing is finding a SPOT for it, and getting stuff installed, since the shipping container is no place to work on that car.


Story time!

So I deal almost exclusively on Craigslist. My dad drives all around the tri-state (WI, IL, and IN) so usually I'll do the research, setup the meetings, and supply the cash, while he talks to the people and does the deals. So there's this guy in Chesterton, Indiana; he's interested in turning his 1970 Mustang from a normal car to a drag car, while I'm trying to do the opposite. Awesome! We can trade things. (I always think trading is better than cash exchange; both sides win!) So I'm thinking the trade will be 4 used adjustable Moroso drag shocks, the 15" Mag wheels ( 8" wide up front, 10" predrilled in back), and the 9" rear end housing we took (ladder bars welded on) for a center console and the Magnum 500 wheels. My dad calls up (at the guy's place saying he's also got more interior parts that are pretty rare and hard to come by. I find later it's only the sail panels, fiberboard package tray and metal support (goes behind backseat to seal off trunk). I find out that my dad brought with him the BRAND NEW NEVER TURNED OVERBORED 429 short block that was going to fund a large part of this restoration. He's exhausted from taking the shocks off (they weren't easy) and driving a few hundred miles, so he's getting anxious/annoyed. I don't want to part with it to trade for something I hadn't looked up the price. I was in the middle of having a guest over, so I make the wrong choice and say FINE. And then he gets home. I see the interior pieces, look up the prices of the re-pro pieces (I'm not a guy who cares about 'original' items, just original-ish configurations of those parts), and just....seethe. Could have gotten $1,500 - $1,800 for the engine, and we traded it for... $250ish in parts. And it's all my fault. So I think someone just got the better end of it, and hopefully he gets to use the stuff on his drag car.



Sells EVERYTHING on craigslist...THE NEXT DAY.

Ads are gone but:

Here and Here. The Mag wheels? A THOUSAND DOLLARS. No prices listed on everything else. Yeah, you might be right; the things are his, he can do what he wants. But that just screams misrepresentation there, and that kinda stuff just doesn't sit right with me, ever.

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