I have some pretty serious medical issues.

AdrenalInsufficiency, hypothyroidism, Marfan’s syndrome, spontaneous pnuemothoraxes, and other stuff.

I’m currently in the hospital, its nothing new, happens alot. I’m used to it. It just gets old every time I come here. Which is the base hospital, not the VA or civie hospital. They always treat me like I don’t know my issues, I do everything to counter mine their guidance. I don’t, I take my pills, all 15 of them a day. Try to eat right and exercise. Yeah I drink liqour and smoke cigarettes. Big deal. I don’t drink in excess or go to overboard. A few drinks with friends while we play video games or cards.


Anyway, I’m in the hospital and should be out today some time. Last night, they give me a sleeping pill. I have issues sleeping, I’ve had a few sleep studies. They give me it and proceed to wake me up every chance they can. Now when I do get to sleep, I sleep pretty heavy. So they woke me up with the Sternum rub. They take their knuckles and rub pretty hard until you wake up. Now if your like me, that a good way to get punched when I wake up regardless of who you are.

So after fucking up my sleep, I was looking forward to my breakfast. French toast and an omelet. Didn’t get that. Gotsome liquid diet, after I’ve already shown I can eat regular food and hold it down. A liquid diet consists of, broth, jello, juice and either ginger ale or a 2nd fruit juice.

So they screwed up breakfast, my sleep, and all that plus being treated like I don’t manage my health. I try the best I can, my meds works some days and other days it doesn’t.

Sigh. I’m just frustrated that the people who take of me. Act like sleeping is illegal. They wake you up for them to check vitals, meds, lab work, or to ask if you need anything. If I need something I’ll call you. Its why I have a big red button.


I’m filling out the survey and being 110% honest on it. I hate coming here but I have to. I hate the way they do things. Let someone sleep, so I can feel better and ddont cause an accident leaving and end up back here.

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