Earlier today, I was cooking some lunch, and my wife hollered up to me from the basement that the dryer wasn’t working. I checked it out and the knob on the timer switch had broken off. Not sure what to do right in that moment, I texted my landlord about it and went back to making lunch.


He started working on contacting appliance repair folks, and I posted this on facebook:

Illustration for article titled Hot damn, my dryer broke and I fixed it right away thanks to youtube instructional videos and a local appliance parts store

A friend reminded me, hey, maybe check youtube videos. First I found one about just replacing the knob, but the shaft of the timer switch wouldn’t turn at all when I tried with a pliers, which indicated the switch itself was probably bad.

Around the same time I started tracking down the requisite parts, the appliance repair guy my landlord contacted called me with some questions. Then he told the landlord it’d be $223 to fix it, and of course I’d have to let a person into my house.


I was able to track down the necessary parts, namely a new timer switch and a knob, at a local store for $110, in stock and everything, and they’re only doing curbside pickup. So I paid for the parts, picked them up, popped them in, and bam, the dryer’s back working! Now I just deduct that $110 from the upcoming May 1 rent payment and all is right with the world.

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