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I’m getting a new car. Trading the mini in on a new Focus ST

Basically this

With all the incentives Ford is offering, I can get a new FoST for about 20 large. Six grand off. Fuck me. Yes, I went through all the financing.


I wanted one of these years ago when I bought the mini, but couldn’t afford it at the time. This amount was what I was looking at nice used ones for not but a month ago. Hence, yes right now.

Why the FoST- Because I will have two other ridiculous cars. I thought about getting a taco, what that would cost, and whether I would feel comfortable spending that much. I decided it was wasteful. With the Focus, I retain a city car, gain extra doors, and still have fun (while they still even sell cars like this). I get good gas mileage. I expect tires to be expensive as shit though.

Also, with the amount I am spending on this, I can also get a milsurp humvee at a (probably much) later date. Should be able to tow my POS trans am just fine


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