Full Disclosure: I say this as someone who has driven neither, and only ridden in one of the two.

Sure, there are some glaring differences between them; 2 vs 4 doors, naturally aspirated vs turbo, Japanese vs American, and one has a good 30 years of automotive development and technological progress on the other. But I can’t think of any other hot hatch since the CRX, at least not anything sold in the United States, that has (according to reviews I’ve read and impressions I’ve heard) been so well-received and inspired such a giddy response from enthusiasts. They’re both affordable little FWD hatches that have proven themselves to be monsters when it comes to motorsports, and the FiST already seems to be working itself toward a similar cult status as the CRX.

Basically, Ford did with the FiST what Honda had tried to do with the CRZ.

And discuss.