Last night was the first time I had ever tried a Hot Toddy and what a fabulous beverage. I think this along with my hot buttered rum cider will be my new winter beverage.

To start I steeped a few cinnamon sticks in boiling water. Then poured a triple shot of whiskey into my mug. Last Night’s whiskey of choice was Jameson’s Caskmates. Probably one of my favorite cheaper whiskeys.

Then a healthy dollop of honey into the whiskey. I much prefer to use natural raw honey, but the overly processed honey bear will suffice, but not be near as good. My current honey is a local orange blossom honey. The orange flavoring in the honey mixed well with the slightly sweeter whiskey and cinnamon beverage. By preference, I added my three squeezes of lemon slice to the mug before the hot cinnamon water. Once the hot water has been fully steeped, just fill the mug the rest of the way and make sure the honey is fully mixed in and enjoy your hot winter beverage.

I give this drink 3/5 Mustangs in terms of easiness to drink too quickly and become drunk.