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Hot Mess Jag Status Update

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Well spring has sprung and that means I’ve got a whole lot of shit to do, unfortunately. But I figured since I can’t work on the Jag, I could at least provide a summary of where we’re at.



As far as I am aware, I have all of the parts I need to put it back together either en route or in hand.


The biggest hooray of this is that I have 100% of the pulleys and tensioners that were causing so much fuss in hand. In fact I have an abundance as I have an extra idler pulley that I’d ordered for the low, low price of $150 before I found a generic $12 replacement that works just as well. Actually the $12 one works better as the one I ordered was the “pre-upgrade” pulley, which is useless to me. I’m trying to return it (returns accepted for 30 days, allegedly) but so far the seller has been quiet.

I just got a notification from DHL that the new parking brake pins will be here on Friday, which is good news too. Hopefully I can get the brakes bled and the wheels back on soon!


I also had to order a 19mm hex bit so I could bleed the supercharger cooling system and that should be here late next week. Worst case I can go to Harbor Freight and pick one up, but that place seems like a hot spot for plague so I I’d like to pass if at all possible.

I also ordered some premium outdoor vinyl in hopes of restoring the R badges. Replacements are ~$70 each (just replace them! says the Jag group...) but I’m thinking with the drawings I have available I should just be able to whip up some vinyl appliques which will, allegedly, last 8 to 10 years.


Two notable exceptions to the above is the upgraded supercharger pulley and a small piece of 7/8 coolant hose. The former is stuck in customs in NYC and has been since 4/23/2020. The latter is sitting at a local AutoZone but I can’t bring myself to care to go pick it up. I probably should replace all the supercharger cooling hoses, but I didn’t. Just cutting out the one or two bad looking ones and moving on with life.


The TODO list is roughly as follows. Basically putting off full reassembly for as long as possible to give the upgrade pulley a chance to clear customs. I WILL put the car back together without it, but I won’t be happy about it.

  1. Bleed brakes
  2. Replace supercharger water pump
  3. Idler pulley
  4. Serpentine belt
  5. Supercharger tensioner and idler
  6. Cooling hoses
  7. Spark plugs
  8. [Upgrade pulley now or never]
  9. Reassemble cooling system
  10. Reassemble induction system
  11. Bleed and flush cooling system
  12. Front splash shield, aero, and bumper
  13. Wheels and tires back on

Plenty to do but also nothing that couldn’t be knocked out in a weekend.


This is where things get a bit squishy. Tonight I have to mow the lawn, so that pretty well eliminates evening wrenching. Thursday I have a virtual happy hour, which also pretty much eliminates time or energy for wrenching. I don’t technically have anything Friday, so possible I’ll have some time there. The weekend I need to focus on the Alfa due to an impending track day.


So... tl;dr best case is getting the Jag back together not this weekend but the next.

Soon... Soon...

Illustration for article titled Hot Mess Jag Status Update

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