I stopped by the Hoover, AL stop yesterday during the last couple hours, even as about half the group had already left for the day. Amid the sea of Hellcats and rat rods and Cameros and Killstangs were a few random gems. Crappy potato pics due to tired kids not having a great time...

Captions aren’t working for shit, so it’s a mid-60s Volvo P1800; mid-80s 240 with great mods and pristine paint; a very rare Studebaker Lark 2-door wagon. These were in chronological order of visits, so my son’s face is more about exhaustion than approval. My daughter, on the other hand, thinks the Swedish Brick is the greatest thing ever created.

That Lark is badass, I really want one now.

A few more that I found interesting:



The Edsel shot sucks, but it was a wagon...I think it was a sponsor vehicle, not privately owned, but still.