The Alfa drove up to the cove and parked. It was a bleary day, with an omnipresent but obscured sun. It barked its turbo engine like a dog in heat. There, the Alfa saw an Fiesta. Slim, slick,and non conformist. Just like how the Alfa likes its leather coats. Their grilles touched each other and their turbos started spooling. The whine grew to a growl as the tires started struggling for traction. Their oil cooler line detached from each of their cars and slowly eased toward each other. The oil cooler lines touched each other and oil started commingling. There started a buildup of pressure. Synthetics mingled through the blocks as the cars started to wail to their redlines. If one were ever so glance at their temperature gauges, they were gone. It was replaced by an oil cooler loop logo. The cars suddenly hammered and spun to redline. Both had reached maximum boost. Within time, there was serenity, then the waste gates flooded the turbo gases out. The oil lines shot apart, without a leak. The Alfa had a small pod within its front trunk. The engine was tired and exhausted lots of its gas. The pod was placed into a incumbulator as the Alfa rubbed his front carbon fiber bumper to the gaping sensuous air vent on that Fiesta’s bumper.

“FAZIO WAKE THE FUCK UP, YOU SLEPT IN A CUSTOMER CAR AGAIN!” Fazio woke himself up and realized he had another wet dream again. He had forgotten to install the oil pan plug.