Hot take?

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I would take an LC500 in made-out-of-butterfly-wings-don’t-call-it-blue over an LFA any day of the week. Or a new NSX. I think Lexus hit it out of the park with the LC500. It’s even priced in such a way as to be attainable (after seven years of depreciation, obviously)


There are a fair number of these cruising around my area. They all look good, but that blue.... Ohhhhhh that fucking blue. Gorgeous. Saw a guy just finishing washing it at a self-serve car wash and did a double take. The car is exotic in the way that the OG R8 was exotic. It’s unique. You can’t look away. You don’t WANT to look away. And the interior! Lordy. It’s no scalpel, but as far as comfy cruisers go it’s up there with the best.

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