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Hot Take

Forza is now the Madden or Call of Duty of racing games.

There used to be a time when I would visit the Forza forums every day, excitedly waiting to see the car list for the next game. However, since Forza 5, I feel they’ve lost their magic. They’ve had a few awesome cars in Horizon 2 and 3, but for the most part there haven’t been enough of them to keep me interested long enough to purchase the games. Even the DLCs have me keeping my purse closed while before I’d be happy to drop whatever cash was needed for DLC packs.

Shoot, even the AI cars were fun to drive (provided you had the modding tools to unlock them). I loved racing the Nissan Leaf, Tour Bus, and Kenworth T440 in Horizon 1


It seems like every year they’re removing more and more normal and oddball cars and keeping “meme” cars and your generic set of supercars/hypercars and a few classics that are basically in every racing game. I actually liked taking a Chevy Aveo, making it into a drift happy sleeper, then mastering keeping it under control. I loved taking normal cars and competing in higher classes. I adored seeing brands that few people may have ever heard of.

I wanna see more brands like Ascari in the spotlight! I wanna see more weird things like early 1900s cars or a GMC Syclone. Give me a first gen Dodge Neon, heck, I’ll even take a Caliber SRT4. Games like Forza, Test Drive, and Gran Turismo introduced me to tiny brands I never knew existed. I miss that. I miss having those lovely recorded engine sounds flowing through my surround sound system.


Further, what happened to motorcycles? It seemed like for a short time, having motorcycles and cars was a popular thing (especially with PGR and TDU), but they’ve been seemingly lost, too.

Also, shame on the car manufacturers for making this problem worse with their greed. Horizon 4 doesn’t even have real Toyotas, just the Arctic Trucks versions of Toyotas.

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