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Hot take

Incoming rant alert!

Automotive “top ten worst/ugliest/most uncool/unreliable etc.” lists are bad. All of them. There are a lot of bad opinions on lists of this sort, and many similar lists as well. A lot of people develop their idea of what looks good/is good based on what’s normal to them, and when they see something different that doesn’t conform to that idea, they automatically declare it ugly, uncool, or bad. They don’t stop to consider whether the design is interesting, clever, well-proportioned, or anything like that, they just think that it’s different and therefore bad. (which is a problem not limited exclusively to car enthusiasts, but it seems to be common in the car community)


Also, a lot of these lists are just copying answers from other lists. I’ve seen the AMC pacer and Gremlin on several lists of unreliable cars, despite those cars actually being reliable, which I think is proof that they’re just copying each other’s notes. This is why I’ve decided I don’t like lists like that. They’re just uninformed clickbait articles defaming cars that the author didn’t take the time to actually develop their own opinion about. It’s important to develop your own opinions about stuff rather than just blindly accepting the opinions of random yahoos with keyboards, since you never know what kinds of things you might actually like after taking the time to think about it. When I finally realized I should form my own opinions about things rather than just blindly believing everyone on the internet, that’s when I discovered I like station wagons and microcars and Trans Ams and all sorts of other cars I used to think were uncool. So I firmly believe that lists such as that are bad. AMC Gremlin for your time:

Poor Gremlin. I don’t think you’re ugly.
Poor Gremlin. I don’t think you’re ugly.

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