Hot take.

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Racing Point rebranding to Aston Martin was a mistake. They should’ve rebranded to Manic. Here’s a listicle about why;

1. Manic was from Quebec, Lawrence Stroll is from Quebec. Racing Point are also a Canadian team and nobody will tell me otherwise. A win in Montreal is a home win for them, just like how a win in Germany was (or is, who knows anymore) a win for Mercedes, even if they’re technically British too.


2. Manic had a Formula C car that set a lap record at Mont-Tremblant using an Alfa Romeo-supplied powerplant. Who owns Mont-Tremblant? Lawrence Stroll.

3. Stroll wasn’t opposed to reviving a dead racing team, as a proposal around the time he bought Racing Point almost revived the Brabham name.


Aston Martin has nothing on Manic.

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