Since my favorite site is going away and I’m pretty upset about it I feel I have nothing to lose.

UPDATE: lol I guess maybe not. I’ll leave this up though as I feel like my points are valid and it needs to be said.

This is the fault of a certain subset of kinja users. I get why people were so upset, I get the desire to show solidarity, but the anger went too far and some people wanted to burn the whole place down. Doxxing, calls to violence, constant harassment is not cool, and is against almost every TOS imaginable. Kinja is a service we all use for free, and while we may not agree with what’s going on at the top we certainly are not the ones with the power here and this certainly is not a democratic environment.


The constant posting of this the doxxing/harassment kind on certain blog life-raft sites (EDIT: I want to be very very clear that I am not blaming oppo nor do I view oppo as a responsible party)  was not going to go unnoticed and everyone knew it was going to bring an end to all the kinja sub blogs in one way or another.

I think everyone knew it was going to end at some point but I can’t help but feel like this was brought about purposefully and prematurely.

I’m not really looking for a discussion here, as I’m really just venting. As I stated before this is my favorite corner of the internet and while I don’t post a lot I feel like I’ve really gotten to know a lot of you really well, and am really really going to miss you all. This doesn’t feel like the end that oppositelock deserves and that makes this all the harder.

I’ll be over on the subreddit and I might pop into the discord every now and then. I hope we find a place to go that can serve as an acceptable substitute for Kinja, it hurts to think of all the potential content lost. The shitposting, the passionate long form articles about things I never would have thought about.


You guys have been the very best. Hope to see y’all around.

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