Hot Take C8 Edition

I have loved the idea of mid engined Vette since the first time I heard/saw it mentioned. Then General Motors goes and releases one! It looks amazing, it probably sounds amazing and the asking price is the most reasonable thing I have heard all day!

I have spent all morning up until about 3 minutes ago just oogling this car. That is because I found out via another thread on Oppo saying that it won’t ever be available with 3 pedals! That thought never crossed my mind...”It’s a Corvette, of course you’ll be able to get it with a manual.” I even had this discussion with a colleague earlier.


Now I’m like:

In all seriousness I don’t hate the car, but I’ve gone from “I’mma get that!” to “I don’t care about that thing I cared so much about a few minutes ago.”

Please spare me the following:

Most Corvettes are manuals (so are most 911 turbos, you can still get one of them with a manual)


Manuals are stupid (wrong)

This is too much car for a manual (wrong)

Get with the times... (oh you mean the times where all cars are beige buicks except a handful, I’m all set)


I’v bought two brand new cars with manuals in the past two years. What have I not done car gods!?

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