Hot take: Crossovers should take over sedans

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The Mazda 6 story on Jalopnik got me thinking, that its fine that crossovers are killing the sedan.


They are getting to the point where they are so close that its really just a matter of wagon versus sedan, and given the fact that we almost all agree that the wagon is the superior sedan and that most crossovers are just a slightly taller wagon....

I mean the weight difference between the 6 and the CX-5 AWD is less than 100 lbs. They drive very similarly and the CX-5 is only moderately more expensive (factoring out AWD) with only moderately worse economy.


The CX-5 is also bigger inside, more versatile, easier to get in and out of, easier to drive and park in crowded areas owing to its decreased length and are slightly cheaper to insure than sedans of equivalent price*

*based on the little research i’ve done on it.

It’s less that sedans are inferior and more than crossovers are crossing over more and more towards wagons with each generation and the gaps in performance and cost are shrinking substantially.


It’s not that I don’t appreciate the performance benefits of the sedan either, but you have to admit that even those lines are getting blurry.

Embrace the new sedan. Love the new sedan.

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