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Hot Take - Forza 7 isn't very good

Full disclosure: Turn 10 wanted me to review this game so badly, they got me hooked on Forza 6 and FH3, so I paid my own money to Wally World for a pre-ordered copy. I received my copy of the Ultimate Edition on Friday night and spent a little bit of time playing it this weekend.

First off, my annoyances may have ways of being corrected, so hopefully some users can chime in with comments, but overall I’m not impressed at all.

The racing experience and graphics are good as always, but certainly don’t blow me away on my 1080p TV. I think this one is optimized for 4k, so perhaps once I get a new TV I’ll get the full experience, but for me, it’s just okay.


In a race, one of my annoyances is how everything moves around. All the status items (position, speed, gear, etc) are constantly twitching and vibrating. I’m guessing it’s to give a sensation of speed, but it’s just obnoxious to me. Another is how twitchy the damn car is - if you cook your tires, you pretty much have to coast until they cool or else you’ll spin out. Cars that shouldn’t have snap oversteer, have it. If you put a tire or two off course, you won’t have the opportunity to save it. If you set the AI to Expert or above, if you don’t get into the top 3-4 positions by the first turn, you have no chance to win in a 2-4 lap race.

Elsewhere in the game, the menu structure is bad, and when you have the option to customize cars (one of my favorite things) they put you in the darkest damn room without any light! The fuck! How am I supposed to see what I’m doing? I can’t get a clear view of the wheels on my car, I can’t see how that fly livery actually looks until I get it out on the track in the light of day.

Also, cars are crazy expensive by way of credits. They used to, at least somewhat, follow the actual MSRP of cars. Now, I was looking at buying something not outlandish and it was like 200,000 CR. That said, they give you the opportunity to score a lot of cars for free when you level up, which is nice. Free Play is also shitty because there’s no option for just fucking around on a track by yourself. You have to set a race, then reduce the drivatars to zero.

The things they did well are the weather progressions. I did a Free Play race at VIR and when the race started it was really eery and ominous. Lots of lightning and thunder as we set off, which then turned into an all out rainstorm. It was pretty frickin cool. If you have an early morning race, fog will set in at certain parts of the course, if you’re somewhere arid (Laguna Seca or Dubai) sand will blow across the road (which also changes grip).


TL;DR - the weather is kickass, but the rest of the game is meh.

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