Hot Take: Green should be a regular option.

What is the deal with Toyota?

First the 86 Hakone Special edition, now the Lexus LC500 Inspiration Edition. (above)


Green with brown/bronze is a classic color combination, and modern paints really look great, not under-saturated and nearly black.

Evidently Toyota thinks it is so great that people will pay extra simply for that colorway on a special edition limited-run, and then deny it to regular buyers, and any other car models.

And not many other car companies are doing much better in terms of offering a gorgeous green paint option, rather than the 15 shades of gray and silver, and 5 more variations of black and white, plus a few beiges thrown in.



My parents had no trouble getting their first new car, a 79 Fox Mercury Capri in this color green with tan interior... but it was vinyl, and liked to rip skin off in the summer heat, and cold in the winter.... and it was a 4-cylinder car in the midst of the malaise era.


Why is it so hard to get a green coupe now? Especially to the point where it COSTS more to get green paint and brown leather as the sole differentiators of a Special Edition...

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