This is something that I’ve been repeating ever since I was a kid. As much as I like the 991, I like the 996 just a little bit more.

The first 911 I remember seeing and sitting in was a 996 back in 2001 when I moved to this country. 3 year old me fell in love with it. I still have a 1/18 Seal Grey 996 Carrera my parents got me weeks later for my fourth birthday.

Since then, regardless of IMS problems and criticism over the appearance and quality, I still hold that it’s the best 911 ever made.

I never really cared for the 997 until the 997.2 came out back in 2009. Even then, I still only liked a select few models in only certain colors (Turbo S in Ice Blue, ‘11 GT3 RS in Carrara White with red, GT2 RS in Guards red with black wheels, Sport Classic, Carrera GTS in Carrara White with black wheels, and the Speedster).

If you say Porsche 911, a 996 will come to mind immediately before anything else. It’s one of those childhood dream cars that I yearn for and will always want. As much as I like BMWs, this Beetle Porsche will always hold a special place in my heart.

Here’s to the 996 and its legacy.

Two 911s. It’s like one, but with one more.


Blue Beetle 2.slow
Arena Red Beetle TSI SE
Nice Beetle, bro.


Beetle in the desert.