The FP’s post (Link) about Elton John’s 1997 Aston-Martin Vantage lead to me follow their link to auction website. I only got a few clicks through the photos when I saw the dash shot and realized just how far Ford took parts bin engineering to Aston with the realization that I’ve owned that steering wheel. Aston doesn’t even look to have included the cruise control buttons.

I suspect more than a few other oppos have too. In my case, I owned that steering wheel on this truck back in 2004/2005ish.

Disregard the date stamp, I never bothered setting the date on that old camera. This would’ve been taken in 2004ish.


As an added bonus, I bought the neighbor’s suburban in this picture three or four years after this was taken.


92 F-350, 7.3l IDI (non-turbo) diesel, auto, 4x4, two bench seats, and a turning radius of, well, we’re parking at the end of lot (that era of Ford heavy duty 4x4 steering design considerably limited steering angle, in addtion to being a crew-cab, long bed). The truck was a beast, so long as you weren’t in a hurry climbing hills while towing.

Sadly, I don’t think I have any interior pictures of that truck, but mine was leather wrapped and had the cruise control switches. That wheel was used on a lot of Fords from that time.


A crown vic from the Clinton era:


A fox-body mustang: