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Hot take: My answer to "Got a new car, what mod do I do first?" is always the same - drive it.

Illustration for article titled Hot take: My answer to Got a new car, what mod do I do first? is always the same - drive it.

The only other acceptable answer is to wash/wax it because my god the animals who washed it before I got it used the dirtiest rinse water and must’ve been using a greasy piece of fried chicken for a sponge...


Anyways, maybe it’s just a “me” thing, but I don’t get why everyone on the Focus ST pages are always like “3 MILES ON ODOMETER, HOW I GO STAGE 3?”. I have a theory that this is why there is a high degree of turnover for the STs and similar vehicles - people get them, tune them, imbalancethe SHIT out of them (400hp and an open diff on a FWD hatchback with stock brakes and suspension = no bueno), and then get bored of the car since it is “maxed out” and search for the next high water mark.

Second part of this hot take is another hot take - many many MANY cars nowadays are great. Even humdrum compacts drive okay, and if you’ve got around 20-25k you can get any number of brand new or one year old performance and driver’s cars in your driveway. But if you ask some of these people, then none of them are good until you’ve shoved a new turbo in the engine bay and boosted the poor thing to an inch of its life. Then of course it never quite drives correctly and you get a bunch of engine issues and then they’re back on the group page 3 months later not knowing what to do about it and then they sell it and get something “better”. Sooooooo.....why do it in the first place?


But maybe that’s just me getting older or not being in touch with the scenes these days. Whatever.

The Banana Express still kicks ass and is a hoot to drive while also being stupidly good at eating cargo.

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