We all love our cars, but we also love having food, water, and shelter. Which is why I think we can agree that human’s ruining the world with pollution is bad. However, Bill Nye, is more part of the problem than he is the solution. (Warning: that’s the end of the automotive tie-in.)

Like most people in my age bracket, I grew up with Bill Nye The Science Guy in my classrooms. It was great. The science was fun and sometimes ridiculous. When I saw that he had launched a new show on Netflix, I jumped straight into the first episode. This first episode is called “The Earth Is a Hot Mess”. It’s entirely focused on climate change.


At least, it would be if he hadn’t turned into a raging “science as religion” crackpot with a god complex. I happen to work in the world of science and consider myself fairly well educated on the topic. There are a lot of great anecdotes and studies that you can point to if you want to talk about climate change. Bill, doesn’t take that journey with us. Instead, he goes to boogeyman-town and tries to built narrative that climate change is some kind of monster that’s already killing Venice and will come after you next.

The key here is Venice. Venice has suffered from flooding over and over in recent years. Good climate scientists however, don’t invoke Venice. Why not Venice? Because Venice isn’t isn’t being swallowed by rising seas so much as it is rapidly sinking into a watery grave.

Bill spend about 5 good minutes with a report on Venice. Look at all the poor books being kept in bathtubs so they don’t get swallowed by climate change! See all this damage from the water! It’s climate change!

Except it’s not. Venice is losing up to nearly a half inch per year because of silt compression and the pumping of groundwater which causes compressing and weakening of ground soil (which also happens in cities like San Francisco where the Millenium tower has been sinking an inch per year). Both in Venice and SF, sinking was verified by the Sentinal SAR satellites.


Not once does Bill Nye use the word sink. That would ruin the illusion which fits so nicely into his story about about climate change. Bill Nye can keep his canned laughter, bad flat jokes, and humorless sketches. By using false reporting in an attempt to reinforce a scientific topic, he ruins the credibility of science globally.