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Hot take: State/Province registration is stupid.

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Cars should be registered by the Feds in the US, Mexico, Canada, Australia, and any other country that still lets their local governments carry out automotive registration. I have my reasons.


1. Uniformity

Some states use plates as a way to individualize their cars, but plates should not be individualized. In fact, the sole purpose of a license plate is to show no individuality.
This could also help when designing speed cameras or any sort of information filter.


2. Tax evasion

If perhaps a bit harder to grasp, there is a real life example in Mexico. Back in 2012 Felipe Calderon allowed states to take over road taxes. While most states removed them inmediately a number of them kept them (ie: the more urban ones). What does this mean? Well, because of a tax-evasion scheme alike the Montana plates in the US, Mexico City looses two billion pesos a year to road-tax evasion.

3. We don’t need states doing this shit anymore, and they suck at it anyway.

Like, many years ago I guess that running a federalized system like this would be impossible. But think of everything that the feds do nowadays, and then realize that printing plates isn’t that hard.
Yet state DMVs are super shitty at it, and it takes more people cooperating for more crap.


4. Driving is easier when everyone knows the same rules

Appart from registration, licenses should also be given by the feds.

In Mexico City right-on-reds are illegal, but everywhere else, those are legal. Also, in every other state drivers to your right have the right of way, in Mexico City it’s marked. In many states a test is required to attain a licence. In Mexico City we still don’t have one, yet my license is as valid here as it is in any other state, how come?

If we all worked under one system these kinds of mistakes could be avoided, and predatory fines (quirks in local traffic laws) could be easier to spot and remove.


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