Hot Take: The 1st Gen Hyundai Veloster is the next Cult Classic

The 1st gen Veloster is just quirky enough and just bad enough that it might just make it to cult status. It left enough of an impact on the public psyche that some appearance in a movie somewhere down the road can get people to remember them fondly (see: Aztec). It was a failure in its own day, but how will it fare now?

It was in interesting enough design, if just a bit ungainly. The Veloster was not quite refined enough for the car buying public, coming across as a little too juvenile with its lavishly asymmetrical layout and over the top trim.


Take this interior for example. It looks like it was taken from a Sonata except for the blindingly colorful inserts. It even has TURBO stitched on the seats in bright blue! I actually love it despite its idiosyncrasies.

It almost, but not quite, works together, much like the AMC Pacer, Pontiac Aztec, Delorian, and a heap of other cult classics. It didn’t quite have the performance to be a true hot hatch and it was too weird to be a family car. So close. Fortunately, the new Veloster N finally has what it takes (or so it seems).

I got all the pictures from this add. Tell me what you think.

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