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Hot takes--I'm about to get banned from Oppo edition

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#1, the ND

Soul red is a boring color. It’s just like every other new-car red in that it kinda wants to be red, but it just can’t help but be gray just like every other new car color.


Also, the ND is meh. I’ve owned 2 NA Miatas and 1 NC. I wanted to buy into the hype and love the ND, but the styling is worse than ugly. Ugly elicits an emotional response. I look at the ND and I feel nothing except maybe a little annoyance because ANGERY EYES. And as far as I can make out, the angry headlights are the only styling on the entire thing. Ihate Honda’s and Nissan’s overstyled monstrosities, sure, but the ND is understyled. It’s as though the design team called in sick. The sides are bland, the back is bland, the hood is bland, the interior is just an interior with an iPad glued awkwardly to the top of the dash, and the front has a gaping maw and angry eyes. Yes, its wonderfully engineered and blah blah clichéd superlatives, but I can get all that with an NA, NB or (unpopular opinion) NC and still enjoy looking at it.

#2, yeah... I said it. Fite me.

Illustration for article titled Hot takes--Im about to get banned from Oppo edition

PT Cruiser GT convertible. I don’t hate it. It’s got woeful build quality, it’s heavy, and goofy looking as hell... But, it has a 2.4 turbo that’s capable of some serious performance, a Getrag 5 speed manual, and a drop top. 0-60 in 7 seconds and the quarter mile in 15.4 bone stock with 220 hp, and 300+ hp is just a few SRT4 mods away.

Aaaaand, if you asked me which one I’d rather own... Well, I don’t want either. I don’t like the ND, and it would be too embarrassing to be seen in public with the PT, and I assume it would hurt property values in my neighborhood.

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