Hi Oppo, your friendly neighborhood Me here...

... and I was just wondering, with the popularity of the Hot Wheels Exchange Program (not limited to HW, btw) and the uptake in die-cast collectors coming out of their basements, would anyone be interested in a Best Of Oppo Hot Wheels daily summary?

It's something I could probably put together daily, towards the end of the day, indexing all that dweeby stuff in one post, so that things don't get missed. We come and go at different times, some of us tag and some of us don't but because we're pretty varied in our format, I notice that I've missed really great HW posts because there's just so much activity on Oppo.

If there's enough interest, I'll go ahead and start doing that. Just +1 this thread if you're down and I'll add up 'em up.

Lets Just Drive... and collect tiny, metal cars.