I found a few new ones last night I thought someone might be interested in. Pretty much everything in this post I still have at least one of (even after the trades I've made: don't panic Frosted The Diecast Car Guy, GRawesome, Dinger's Ghost, HWEP Addict! Yours are going in the mail tomorrow! Cebu and B. Body Burnout... I set aside those cars as well.)

New ones!

Shelby Cobra Daytona

I could not find an angle this didn't look awesome in.. :)

There is a spare in the trunk.


'33 Ford


A fluke in timing let me get the lighting on some of those shots. I'd say they turned out pretty nice..

1970 Challenger


and here are the ones people seemed to like from my previous post:


'09 ZR1

'69 Charger


Yellow 2000GT (I also have black) and 2010 Yellow Mustang GT

What I'm looking for....the red DeLorean, Matchbox modern movie Batmobile, and anything MINI or BMW or Mazda. I prefer production or concept cars around the time they were made. So I would prefer a 2012 "2010 Mazda5" over say a 2012 "1973 Camaro". I also dig basic models, production or concept vehicles from regular old manufacturers. If a door or hood or trunk opens then big bonus points.

Thanks for checking them out!