Wife says, "Taking Etta down-town to do some shopping." Asks, "Can you drop us off on the way to work?"

Of course, I thinks, rubbing my grubby mits. "How about right by ye old Hobby shop?" Asks I, "Would that be good?"

Of course, says she. Then, as we're loading into the Mustang, she pauses. She's caught on too late; I'm buying some die casts. 1/64th of a second later, we're off.

"Love you," I say, kissing wife and daughter.

"Ten bucks," she pleads. "At least until your work space is set up."



In the brand of Matchbox I found this awesome, excellent Alpha 155 in sexy livery and yet another Mustang, though with a glass (see; plastic) roof. There was also a really nice Chevy truck, but I had to let it and a couple others go in my attempt to stay on (or under) budget.

Over in the Hot Wheels bin I was able to uncover a plain, red Stratos without any flashy paint (and loathsome wheels - note; wheel swap!) and a Ford GT-40 with an unusual paint scheme on a faded card. Oh, and did I mention the Ferrari? It's a 512 M and you're soooooo jealous!