I frequent hotels. My company makes sure they’re middle grade discounted versions. On the order of 125 nights a year, possibly more. On occasion, I get to see some interesting vehicles. I believe I will begin posting the best I see when I see it. Today, we have this.

(GS3 on full zoom)

A 911. Or, whatever the internal code of it is now. In an undisclosed hotel location in New Jersey I saw two men nearby having an animated discussion about something. I couldn’t hear them. I was above looking out my window. One a very well dressed suit, the other, a older gentleman in jeans and a tucked in short sleeve button up shirt-loafers. Guess who got in the car? The older man with his well-tanned bald circle head got in and drove off. Manual gear-change. Could very well have been the hotel owner checking with his manager about projects. Whatever, his car was very well detailed.