Biscuits and cakes.

First, Bonne Maman tartlets with chocolate caramel.

Good, bit on the tough side.


Second, MvcVities, Digestive chocolate filled thins. Thin biscuits with chocolate sandwiched inside. very hard.

Third, McVities, Digestive Banoffee caramel chocolate biscuit.

What’s not to love,

Chocolate, check,

Banana, check,

Toffee, check,

Biscuit, check.


Fourth, ASDA Extra Special, Hand finished salted caramel and chocolate cake.

Caramel flavoured sponge with chocolate buttercream in the middle and salted caramel buttercream on top.


Sweet but not overly so to be sickly.


Fifth, Mr Kipling, raspberry swiss roll.

Sponge roll filled with buttercream and jam.

Easy eating, not too sweet or plain.


Lastly, ASDA Iced Madeira cake.

Three layers of sponge, first layer topped with buttercream, second layer topped with jam and final layer topped with icing.


Essential for any afternoon tea.

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