Hour rule: MG Could-Have-Been edition

Just discovered this lovely little car, the MG EX234. It’s a prototype made as a replacement for the MGB in 1964. In size it was between the Midget and the B (although more spacious inside than the B, despite its smaller size).

It could be fitted with an A-Series to replace the Midget and a B-Series to replace the B, and had hydragas suspension and the IRS from an Austin Gipsy (a Series Land Rover competitor with independent suspension). According to John Surtees who tested the prototype it was a nifty little handler.


Unfortunately, it was delayed for release as both the B and the Midget were still selling well, and by the time they needed replacing BMC was in dire financial straits and couldn’t justify the cost of replacing the B that was aging, but still a relatively strong seller.

It’s a shame as an IRS equipped B/B GT, especially with a Rover V8, would have made an excellent competitor to the Datsun 240Z in ‘69 and could have kept British sports cars relevant as the 70s rolled on.


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