Remember like a month and a half ago I posted about having a accepted offer on a house?

Well things worked out and we signed the papers on the 13th. After we paper work was done the bank was nice enough to give us the keys to their house. Since the. We’ve been working on replacing the flooring. My wife works at her father’s flooring store we planned on replacing the flooring from day one. Which was a good thing because one bedroom, which had just been a storage room for the P.O. was covered in pupppy diarrhea. Yeah tearing that carpet out was not fun, face masks, and gloves were used.

However there was one good surprise that I didn’t notice before we bought the house. One bedroom window goes out onto a shallow sloped roof, I have always wanted my own roof to chill on, since I was like 21 and afriend of mine had an apartment like that. Here’s the view off said roof. Thanks to the trees in the yard It’s actually relatively private. It’ll be a good place for 2am beers.


And my kid going “how did you get up there?” Mom wasn’t around so I helped him come up too.

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