House DOTS. that’s what I’m sticking with.


Have some more. My delivery route takes me through some interesting areas. I’ve found the best way to deal with most people is to be insanely over-the-top happy. It scares the crazies off, it’s reciprocated by a surprisingly large percentage of the rest, and it makes the day feel shorter and easier because psychology.

My smiley facade ALMOST cracked though, when I realized a bank executive had somehow managed to get a 175 pound foam mattress accepted on a FedEx Ground route, and wanted it delivered to his 8th floor office. And then.... Decided to refuse the package upon arrival at said 8th floor. Fun fact, you can’t put a king size mattress on a dolly, because it won’t fit through any doors. Fun fact two, soloing a mattress up and down 8 floors is slightly less enjoyable than it sounds.

*smile intensifies x10000*

I’m burned out. I almost quit on Monday after my work load doubled due to someone else’s incompetence. Then I reminded myself that I’m working two full-time jobs 6 days a week, and would literally feel this way no matter what temporary job I had. Just gotta grind it out until anuary and I’m golden... 


On the major plus side, I’m taking Saturday off to wash windows. I’ll be making about $1100 for a 3.5 hour job. Why did I ever stop doing this

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