I found a house that I didn;t particularly like but it was in a quiet neighborhood so I figured it was worth a look. It was about the same price as my house would sell for so no additional mortgage. As an architect i’m somewhat snobby about design. It was a raised ranch which is like the minivan of house design. no thrills, just appliance like design. I was goignt o concider it for the location. Well from the frist step in something felt off. It was built in the 70's but the floors cracked like a teens bed whos parents are out of state. The basement floor (concrete slab) seemed awefully wavy, like something you would expect out of a 1800's house. I found the problem. In the Northeast you need to extend the foundation at least 4' below ground to protect the ground under the house from freeze/thaw/ this is what I saw:

that is the bottom on the foundation. there wasn;t even a fucking footing. someone fucked up. I feel bad for these people but they are going to have a shit time selling this thing.