We finally got the chance to check out a place we were really interested in from pictures this weekend.

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My wife sent some questions to our realtor yesterday, and we heard back today. The answers were good enough that we’re now saying things like “what’s our next step.”

If the place had a half bath upstairs I’d be looking for housing inspectors already. There is room to add one down the line, but I have no idea the cost of that kind of thing to a 130 year old plaster and lathe house.


It has had a metal roof installed, brand new HVAC including all ductwork, a water heater, and has been connected to the city sewer system all within the last 3 years.

It sits on just shy of 2 acres, has a barn that can fit three cars and still leave room for a workshop, has a 90 year old carriage house to use as a shed, no rear neighbors, and is situated in an unincorporated community which means no local income tax.

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