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When it’s past 9pm PST, I feel it’s okay for me to post about my personal life: also known as shitposting.

There is no inventory. None. Prices have risen almost 10% in most areas since the end of summer. Homes that do pop up are far too expensive for what they are because of said low inventory, whether they’re in desirable areas or not.

My broker still sends me links to homes that are outside our area of want, but check all the boxes for the home itself. I know she’s doing her job (and makes money from us spending ours), but we’ve doubled down firmly in wanting only into one of four areas. We’re not gonna pay 350 grand to live in an okay home across the street from the Winco in Silver Lake. My job over the last seven years has made me intimately aware of countless neighborhoods. Coupled with me living in this county for 30 years, I know exactly where I don’t want to live. I was seriously peeved about losing the last home, it happens. But some of the listings sent to us are like, “Are you sure you’re understanding what your clients want?” I’ve known her forever and she’s been great before, but please don’t start throwing shit at the wall and hope something sticks just yet.

The good news in all this that my wife and I are more and more on the same page. We want a decent neighborhood and an easy commute. We work in opposite directions, so moving out of the city of Everett heavily punishes one of, in some cases both us.

We were about to look at this home that already pushed the budget and was in an area I didn’t care for at all, but I thought my wife would like it. And shit maybe I should compromise. But when she found out her commute would be three times longer in addition to the location itself (though the immediate neighborhood was tolerable) her eyes bugged out of her head. “Ew, no.” I did a mental fistpump. She doesn’t want to move for the sake of moving which is a huge relief.


But anyway, if we can’t find a home before the end of spring, we’re just gonna sit tight here, while the market spirals completely out of control. Basically, we’ll be stuck here but at least we won’t make a horrible financial decision.