I grew up in the house just to the left of this one, back when the ZIP code was still 92631. My step-dad bought it in 1974 for $29K, and we sold it in 1980 for $58k. Itā€™s basically the same layout as the one for sale, with the main exception being that our garage was in the back of the house. I loved the layout of that place, especially the wall-to-wall, floor-to- ceiling glass in the living room. We were on a bit of a hill, and Disneyland was just down the street. Every night at 9:35 they would shoot off fireworks, and we had a great show from our house. I realize that itā€™s been 37 years since we moved out of that area, but the increase in value over that period of time seems a little crazy.

Since I am at home, sick, Iā€™ve been having a little fun surfing Zillow and watching a few dozen episodes of ā€˜Flip or Flopā€™. Having not had cable for over 7 years now I really havenā€™t watched many of these shows. Kind of interesting to see a series essentially focused on my old stomping grounds of Orange County CA, and mostly dealing with mid-century houses, my favorite style. For this I donā€™t seem to mind sitting through a few commercials.