So we looked at something else last night.

The home itself was perfect. Just what I wanted: 2 car garage, 3-wide driveway, 3 bedroom rambler, fully fenced backyard, needs nothing. And of course my wife likes it because it’s completely updated, has mature landscaping (that means it has stuff that was not left to die and also looks good). In addition, it has central heating and air conditioning. New roof, new paint, no cracked in the driveway, no old carpet, no broken sliders, no nothing.

Things we don’t like: LOCATION LOCATION LOCATION. It’s in a decent neighborhood, but it’s not in the city we want. The neighborhood itself is all track housing from the 70s though 90s. There are no local parks, it’s not close to downtown. It’s basically a big slab of asphalt with a few hundred homes sticking out of it.

In addition, the backyard is right up against Highway 9. Now, I’ve lived near busy roads before. Some big ol’ trees and hedges can work wonders. However, a 6' cedar fence parallel with a 60 mph highway/logging route doesn’t do jack shit. Even at 8pm it was loud as Gosh-darn-heck outside.


Furthermore, it’s pushing the budget. Once the bidding begins, it will likely be beyond what I’m willing to pay for any home, let alone one with as many compromises as this. However it was a unique in that it was the first time I was impressed with the house itself, even knowing our budget it pretty much this ultimatum: “Nice house, or place where you actually want to live. Pick one.”

So anyway. Just more lamenting from yours truly. Must be another day that ends in “-day.” I did have eggs, bacon and toast for breakfast. So that was nice. :D