[House-shopping] Everyone hates a wet blanket

When my broker listened to my rebuttal about why I choose to be conservative financially and then replied, “You know, you got a good head on your shoulders,” in just the right tone, I can’t help but wonder if he really wanted to say, “Fuck you.”

I think I’m okay with having limits as to what I’m willing to do. When there’s more than one “if x, then y,” in a plan involving a few hundred thousand dollars, I pull the hand brake. Yes, I *could* afford a nice home, *if* interests rate land just right, *if* we sell our current home right after, and *if* we get exactly what we want for it, and *if* were okay with a ridiculous mortgage until we finance, and *if* absolutely nothing happens to our savings during those six months to throw down at time of said refinance, then yeah! Sign me up. What could possibly go wrong?


This has been another rant. Thank you for your time.

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