I'm moving from Colorado to Maryland later in the Spring. So now we are going through the drudgery of prepping our house to sell and looking for a new house. Have you looked at housing prices in Maryland near DC? Let me put it this way, $500,000 does not buy you very much. So, we started looking in the country. It turns out the houses were more like $1 Million. Oy. I don't have a million of anything, as far as know (cue the know-it-alls in the comments). But I did find a nice smallish house amongst the McMansions with 3 acres and a wonderful garage. Look at it. I bet I could squeeze a dozen cars in it. And it includes a John Deere tractor and a propane heater!!! Now if I had Jay Leno's fortune to clean up the garage and fill it with automotive goodness.


And the house is pretty nice too.