We recently repainted our upstairs bathroom. We both chose the same color, no kidding, on the first try. It was a slate blue, whereas it was very, very light blue previously. The next room over is our bedroom which is a very light green color. This was... not quite what we were expecting. Opinions?

One thing I’ll say is, not only is it impossible to capture the in-person feel of a color (partly because it’s somewhat individually subjective) but you’re now looking at it on a screen, which is again different from MY screen, etc. etc. so anyway. Whadya think?

[update: interesting mixed feedback so far. I will say that my wife had a really hard day at work, came home to see this and cried at first impression, lol. So not off to a good start. It’s growing on us, but we will make a final decision after replacing the floor next week.]