So for the past few weeks my air conditioning at home has had some occasional freeze-ups...generally on excessively hot days. I replaced the filter, but still it would freeze up if it got into the 90’s outside. Knowledgeable peeps tell me that meant that it was likely low on refrigerant and a need a pro, so I find a local company on Google and call them up.

Here’s where it gets more interesting... My wife and I moved into this house a year and some change ago. Part of our negotiation was that the previous owner would have the HVAC unit serviced (as we found they (or their tenant) had been running it without a filter), which they did.

Now the tech arrives and says “hey, you aren’t the guy that lived here a couple years ago, are you?”


uh oh. “No, I moved in around a year ago... You’ve been here before?”

“Yeah, I remembered when I pulled in. It was a couple years ago... it’s a leak in the coil.”

Great... Long story short, he looked around, said he could recharge it but didn’t know how long it would hold (and that there was a limit to how many times he was allowed to charge a leaking system). He told me it was not reparable, and that it needed replacing, to the tune of $1500 or so, and that they’d be in touch for a quote. It occurred to me that this might just be some kind of scare tactic to drum up business, but I’m guessing he’s telling the truth. I’m confident I can get it done cheaper - my aforementioned ‘knowledgeable peeps’ are also ‘experienced peeps’ and are willing to assist.

The really interesting bit to me, though, (beyond the sheer coincidence of happening to call that company and them sending this guy) is that this means the previous owner knew about the issue, chose not to address it, and chose not to disclose it when selling the house to me (and it never came up when the HVAC was serviced prior to closing - should this have been apparent?). This is the part that has my jimmies rustled...I mean, I’m not about to go trying to sue the guy over what is probably a $1k repair, but this strikes me as a bit of a dick move...


Anyhow, that’s my story... At least the A/C is working like a champ again.

Have some Bimmers for your trouble - at least if the A/C goes on these you can drop the top!


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